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The Urban Gardener

I must admit, though I always had herbs in pots, I never felt the need for a containerized vegetable garden until I met my wife Tina.  She calls herself the urban gardener.  Always living in big cities and homes with minimal yard space, her gardening interests have been indoor foliage and the plants and vegetables she could grow in pots on her verandah.

Tina says, "An urban gardener often has limited gardening space and little time which is why I prefer a containerized vegetable garden.  They are easy to plant, easy to maintain, and easy to harvest.  These gardens can use self watering pots for those of us who travel or simply get too busy and forget to water them regularly".

Tomatoes are by far one of the most popular vegetable crops in the the south and there are so many varieties.  Celebrity, Better, and Big Boy are great for sandwiches and caprese salads.  My wife prefers Viva Italia and San Marzano for cooking sauces.  Other vegetables that grow well in containers include celery, cucumber, eggplant, and peppers.  Most vegetables require at least six hours of summer sun, plenty of water, and fertilizer.  I installed drip irrigation for our container garden which has worked well  with this summer heat.  For food crops, I use only organic fertilizer. 

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Cleve Zipperer