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The Future Is Outdoors

February has arrived which is important in my business.  It means the promise of summer, warmer days, and hopefully a little less rain.  Judging by the inquiries I am recieving, I think all of Savannah is looking forward to spring.   I received a call last week from a woman wanting to know how she could turn her backyard into a retreat for her entire family.   Her wish list included a hot tub, a patio area for her husband to grill, and a play area for her children.  Homeowners today realize the future is outdoors.  One prediction on which most professionals in the residential construction market agree is that the attention to a home's exterior and landscaping is only going to increase.

This month is the time to plan those renovations so you can enjoy them this spring.  Allow me to share new products and ideas.  As always I am happy to share my work and direct you to the latest projects we have completed.  Everyone has a dream.  We can design yours.

Cleve Zipperer