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Made In The Shade

Have you ever walked along a shady, creek-side path in summer and suddenly felt cooler?  It's nature's air-conditioning--part real, part imagined--but nonetheless effective.  You can enjoy the same in your yard with the use of shade, water, and lush foliage. 

Creating a cool spot can start with a water feature or small pond.  This nook in your shady backyard can be edged with stone, a backdrop of shade loving  plants, and the splashing of water will create a garden oasis. Your new pond, no matter how small, will be most interesting if it includes a few plants too.  The Louisiana iris will grow in both water and the ground.  Others such as Ghost fern offer a soft texture in the ground at the pond's edge. 

You may choose from many size fountains to fit your needs and space--some freestanding, some wall mounted--or you can even fashion a fountain from a handsome glazed container.  Since water attracts birds, be sure to hang a few feeders in the area and enjoy watching our feathered friends. 

Cleve Zipperer