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In Praise of the Porch - then and now

When I was growing up, the center of my life was the family porch that looked out on the Herb River.  My porch is where I took time-outs.  The time-outs weren't from misbehaving, just a hectic day at my family's store.  It was my reward, a cold soda in hand, and time to catch my breath.  Beyond my porch was an open stage of marsh grass offering endless performance opportunities for herons, pelicans, and hawks.  In view was a randomly planted garden with my mother's favorite flowers and provided me with the job of keeping the marsh rabbits away from newly planted vegetation.  The porch was one of my favorite places then and now.

Years ago, most people had porches and used them.  The great American porch was a place for friends and family to pass the time.  But porches and porch sitting seemed to disappear as people left them and retreated into the cool, air-conditioned living room to watch television.  Fortunately, porches are being rediscovered.  YES, porches are back with wicker furniture, rocking chairs, beautiful plants and container gardens.  We incorporate them into many of our landscape installations.  With large potted trees and seasonal flowers the porch is a great place to enjoy your outdoor space.

In praise of the porch, our family will be turning off the television this spring and sitting on the porch watching the ultimate reality show.  I wish all of my clients a wonderful and long awaited spring.

Cleve Zipperer