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First Impressions

Doors, gates, and other entrances are natural focal points.  So make a great first impression by framing them with attractive, colorful containers.  I employ a strategy used indoors, where repetition of color unites the decor.

A few pointers:

1.  Repitition doesn't require identical containers.  Different, but complimentary colors can have a unifying effect.

2.  Tiny containers next to a door are hopelessly dwarfed.  So, think big!

3.  Match the plants to the exposure.  Many doorways are under porches where only shade-loving plants will thrive.  On the other hand, a doorway exposed to full sun can be the hottest place in the yard.  Plant accordingly.

Container gardens are some of my favorite creations.  Have fun with them.

Cleve Zipperer