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Creative Bouquets

This is the perfect time to decorate your home with your own creative bouquets.  Use three garden elements:  filler, focal point, and accent.  Grab your favorite vase and start creating!

1.  Start with several stems of filler.  They will fill in with color and hold blooms in place.  Florists use fern leaves and baby's breath.  I prefer large, smooth hosta leaves which provide a base and a background.

2.  Add a focal point.  This is the element that makes you go aah!  Focal points are the largest bloom with unusual shape or color.  An odd number of these flowers creates a pleasing combination. 

3.  Finish with the accent.  Usually smaller than the focal point, the accent should compliment.  Look for a flower or leaf that has a texture, shape, or color different  from your filler and focal point.

Before adding stems to vase, snip off anything that will be in the water.  Leaves rot quickly.  Change water daily and use a sharp knife to cut 1/2 to 1 inch off the base of each stem.  Cut at an angle so there's a large surface area in contact with the water.  Add a pinch of floral preservative to the water to provide nutrients and retard algae growth in the water.

My wife keeps a variety of vases on hand to match the mood of the bouquet.  Vases can be as ornate as heirloom crystal or as simple as a jelly jar.  Whatever you choose, err on the side of understated beauty so the plants maintain the starring role.

Cleve Zipperer