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An Elegant Mixture

There is a certain style of garden making that is becoming increasingly rare in this country.  It involves the staunch individual who settles on a place and decides to stay for decades, each year making it more and more his or her own.  Luckily for the art of gardening, some of these people still exist.  However, more commonly iin today's mobile economy, homes are sold, bought, and resold with an eye on the bottom line.  A large, high-maintenance garden can actually be a negative feature when the real estate agent comes around. 

My suggestion to those avid gardeners wanting to have a garden that will not scare off the next homeowner is to make a plan!  Gardens are not natural and I've never been fond of making something that looked like it could have happened by chance.  A confined gardening space can acutally be helpful in setting parameters to create a garden that is an elegant mixture of the cultivated and the deliberately uncultivated.  Brick paved paths can divide the garden into lushly planted quadrants that contain almost every class of garden plants:  annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and trees.  Year-round structure is provided by loosely shaped spheres of evergreens and boxwoods.  These paths can be laid in a deliberately, informal pattern of brick and interspersed stones.

Gardens should have sensations and reflect the gardener.  It's amazing how a small area can be transformed into a canvas the gardener can paint on.  Please call me with any questions and I am available to visit with you and design your garden and outdoor space.

Cleve Zipperer